Embedded Projects - Case Overviews

UWCT can integrate multiple third-party embedded products to deliver end to end OEM platform solutions. Some examples of recent work done by the company include: 

Embedded flash updater (Using Palm OS ® handhelds) - This utility manages flash memory updates to be provided to different equipment on the field. The application interfaces with a desktop application, which specifies the correct flash update to be applied for a specific customer. The correct flash update is then synced to the Palm OS® handheld. This ensures accurate updates are in the field engineer's possession. The field engineer updates the flash on the device by connecting it to the equipment through a serial port. When the handheld is synced with the desktop/server again, the current flash version for the customer is updated. The Palm OS® solution ensures that the correct flash update solution is applied to a specific customer site. The solution also keeps the customers current flash version in-sync in the corporate database.

Tools and Environment: HotSync, Conduit, Databases, Palm OS®, Serial Port programming, Handspring Visor and PalmTM hardware, Windows MFC programming, Codewarrior and Developer Studio.

Service Logs over Bluetooth for Palm OS® The solution gathers service logs from a disparate set of devices using Palm OS® handhelds and set of serial port attachments. The Palm OS® handheld connects to devices such as Portable Ultrasound machines using Bluetooth. The Palm OS® handheld then reads the service logs saved on the machine. The service engineer can make the correct diagnosis of the device by examining the service logs. The logs can also be sent to the call center for further analysis by an in house engineer. The Palm OS® handheld replaces the laptop needed and the custom applications enable him to send the right information to the call center to quickly fix the problem.

Tools and Environment: Palm OS®, Serial Programming, Modems GSM/Landlines, Bluetooth.

Security Device Configuration over BluetoothTM - The application configures a passive motion detector over Bluetooth. The application developed was deployed on a laptop to configure and test the security device. The application was developed using a Windows BluetoothTM stack communicating with the BluetoothTM stack on the security device. The application level protocol to configure and manage the device was developed. The prototype for this application was developed and tested over a serial port and then moved to configure the device over a BluetoothTM link.

Tools and Environment : BluetoothTM, Serial programming, Windows 98/2000. 

Infrared beaming from a kiosk to Palm OS® handhelds and Pocket PC handhelds allows beaming text files and Web pages to Pocket PC and Palm OS® handhelds within IR range. The application detects the presence of the PDA by periodically issuing a “discovery” over IR. The application then sends a pre-set web page or text file to the Pocket PC or Palm OS® handheld. The application protocol used over the IR link is IrOBEX. The application was developed to be compatible with PocketPC (Windows CE 3.0 and above) and Palm OS® (3.0 and above).

The solution was designed for advertising and information dissemination at exhibition and seminars.

Technologies: IrDA IrOBEX, Windows 2000, Windows CE 3.0 with Peacemaker software, Palm OS®.

Magnetic Swipe Reader/barcode swipe reader The handheld running a RTOS controls a magnetic swipe reader or a barcode swipe reader. The data from the swipe is stored in the Flash memory. When the Palm OS® handheld is connected the data is uploaded to the Palm Handheld and verified. (Records added/deleted…) The Palm OS® handheld then uses HotSync® to store data on the PC and further post-process the data.

Applicability of the Swipe Readers

• Credit card, bank card 
• Industrial data capture 
• Smart cards 
• Loyalty Programs 
• Key cards 
• Security






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