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Wireless Enterprise Automation

Click here to find how SkyGATE 2.0 from UnWiredConnect can be used for Wireless Enterprise applications for Palm OS, Pocket PC, Windows CE, Windows CE .Net, Symbian, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP and Linux based Laptops, Handhelds and Smartphones.

Fat Server, Thin client? Just because it’s a small device with a pipsqueak processor?

Enterprises often neglect enabling device level applications to OPTIMALLY handle, store and manipulate critical data as long as it remains accessible on a remote central server. A probable cause for this is the increasing number of web to wireless gateways and multipurpose middlewares available today. These middlewares promise extensive XML repurposing and information parsing to provide you with data formatted for the constrained screen size, processing capability and thin memory available to the PDA or smart phone. This is not a bad solution in itself, and the middleware may be necessary (we have our own). 

Although this sometimes provides for lower costs against the one-time deployment, recurring usage costs of communication can be very high. Connectivity is going to cost you, regardless of how much bandwidth you have at your fingertips. Higher bandwidth = higher costs. 

Are you willing to pay more for the redundant data that will be transferred back and forth when pay-for --data models are in effect? Or will you spend more on another solution again sooner than you know? If your server is ever down, will your mobile workers have enough updated information on their PDA's to offset the downtime?

UWCT’s enterprise mantra

Your money is safer with the intelligent, custom solution that identifies the data you really need across your varied business operations. Build in intensive device level transaction capability, and your returns will be far higher, usage costs far lower. 

UWCT solutions and wireless synchronization logic lets you store and use your expensive MIS data at your fingertips without repeatedly communicating through a constrained browser to a remote server.

SkyGATE – UWCT’s Scaleable, platform-independent mobile application server.

Applications created using SkyGATE (device) API communicate seamlessly with the company's middleware product, SkyGATE, that allows for development of robust device + backend resident applications with multiple user support. This framework also supports synchronization applications. SkyGATE also cuts communication costs through a built-in record authentication and synchronization mechanism. SkyGATE can be integrated directly into the enterprise to serve vertical applications in finance, retail, manufacturing, insurance, healthcare, hospitality and logistics.

SkyGATE Features

Click here for SkyGATE Architecture and features of SkyGATE 2.0 Wireless Database Access Server supporting Laptops, Handhelds and Smartphones running Palm OS, Pocket PC, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows CE, Windows CE .Net, Symbian and Linux

Application enabling
SkyGATE allows only data required by the PDA to flow over the external network. The enterprise can control the data that flows in/out of the organization. SkyGATE provides a simple data controller application to allow only specific data to be send to specific applications.

User Profiles
Profiles allow SkyGATE to control user's access to specific data. Example: A sales profile would limit the user to only data related to sales information to the specific user. A production profile would allow access to production and inventory data for the specific user.

Database connectivity
SkyGATE provides database query and save features to remote PDAs and Laptops. The SkyGATE data controller for the application controls the query and save features.

SkyGATE triggers
SkyGATE provides the option to trigger an action on the corporate database or email from a remote PDA. The SkyGATE data controller can create an allowed set of data triggers which the PDA user can choose from.

SkyGATE mail
Email from corporate POP3 or IMAP accounts can be accessed through SkyGATE . Email can also be sent through SkyGATE through its configured SMTP server. PDA clients can use this service to access email and to send email through SkyGATE. SkyGATE mail supports attachments in the Adobe PDF format, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.

SkyGATE acts as a HTTP proxy to allow browsing from the client PDA. SkyGATE shall forward incoming HTTP requests to a corporate proxy in the enterprise. SkyGATE enables controlled Intranet access from remote PDAs and Laptops.

Decrease access times to your corporate database over GSM. SkyGATE pre-triggers data access from the PDA by sending the query over a SMS message. QuickSync can significantly decrease query time for large queries on databases.

SkyGATE Real-time access
Real-time access to data over the wireless link with the minimum trip delay. Example: Used to access tickers or process control data which can change very quickly.

SkyGATE client API
The API provides a secure, reliable and authenticated link to the SkyGATE server. The API is used to build custom applications for SkyGATE. The API is provided for Palm OS (3.x and above), Laptops Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows CE (3.0 and above - Pocket PC) and Linux.

Contractual Development Services 

UnWiredConnect takes your operation-critical and dynamic data, and leverages it through feature rich mobile computing and wireless applications to eliminate errors, increase your revenue and cut costs.


UWCT can build intensive device resident transaction(+offline) capability, for higher returns lower usage costs.

Speed time-to-market with UWCT’s rapid development processes. 

Leverage UWCT’s proven methodologies and platform-agnostic expertise for minimal risk solutions.

Reduce rollout times utilizing existing solutions components and products from UWCT.

Identify the best mobile computing practices for your enterprise IS. 






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