Sales Force Automation - The Real Issues

SquidSALES - Snapshot Prospect & Cycle Information - Not Dead, Past Sales Data

Retail Challenges

SquidPOS & UM - Handheld POS, unified messaging and discount management for Retail

SquidPOS - Foodservice

SquidROUTE - Sales Route Accounting and Management

SquidRoute Sales Route Accounting and Management

Allows for
Invoicing and printing from mobile handheld devices 
Purchasing and backorders 
Customer payments receipt
Customer signature capture on handhelds.
Inventory management

Planned Route Sales and Servicing - definable call/visit frequency.

Route Allocation - assigning and de-assigning customers to merchandise delivery routes, drivers to routes, etc.

Representative management - including assigning of routes to sales people, sales persons performance statistics such as number of calls per day, average sales value per call, etc. 

Merchandise Sales - pricing options, returns, samples, exchanges, buy/get promotions, etc. 

Payment and Fulfilment- collection of cash, cheques (+multiple payment methods), returns, credit for returns, and end of day reconciliation by representative on each terminal.

Customer management - customer specific pricing, order and purchase history, credit account balances, promotions, messages, multiple contacts, access information, call times, etc.

Easy Data capture - extensive user definable data input functions to support data capture by the mobile workforce.

Messaging (optional) - email or alerts to and from the route representatives.

Reporting - extensive book of standard reports such as sales by customer, representative, product or route; with further analysis by day, week, month, etc. With an easy to use notes module providing for ad hoc annotation.

Cost effective
Fast payback.

Reduces labour hours
More customer stops per day without adding additional work hours.
Representatives spend more time servicing your customer rather than with redundant paperwork.

No more line item input errors, pricing errors and office data entry errors. 

Easy to use
Menu driven, intuitive application interface.





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